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Corporate responsibility
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Yantai Jinzheng pays attention to fulfilling corporate citizenship responsibilities and insists on conducting business in a socially responsible manner. We adhere to the highest ethical and commercial standards and are committed to providing better products and services that have a positive impact on our society.
Yantai Jinzheng is working hard to protect the environment and reduce the pressure on the use of natural resources. We have developed a comprehensive set of environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards for our workplace. Employees are the most valuable asset of the company and the source of innovation for the company's sustainable development. Ensuring good employee benefits and maximizing the potential of employees is always one of the company's top priorities. To this end, the company has formulated comprehensive policies and measures to build Yantai Jinzheng into the best workplace. The company also provides a wealth of internal and external career development opportunities and training programs through industry and academic cooperation.