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CEO's message
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When you choose Yantai Jinzheng fine Chemical as your career choice, I would like to say a few words to you. I hope that you can read it. It is also a welcome word, a slogan, and an opening remark.
First of all, I am very happy to see that you are a member of Yantai Jinzheng fine Chemical. Our company is a team that dares to change and dare to fight hard.
Yantai Jinzheng fine Chemical is a business and a career for each of our employees. The hard work of every employee will also contribute to the company's business.
Yantai Jinzheng fine Chemical is a stage that gives every employee the opportunity to show on the show. The company's management mechanism will encourage you and promote you, as long as you have the ability to enjoy your talents.
Whether you are an old employee who has worked in the company for many years, or a new force that has just set foot, I hope that your job in the company is not only to get a salary, but to have a job goal, a driving force, and innovation. The behavior, the pragmatic attitude, and the fruitful results will eventually become an important process in your career and a precious experience in your life.
Your participation has injected new vitality into the company's development. As a member of the company's management and team, I look forward to maximizing the two-way value of the company and the individual in the spirit of being responsible to the company and being responsible for itself.
Strive to open up a beautiful tomorrow for Yantai Jinzheng fine Chemical Company!